Vanessa Goveia

Co-foundation and short films curation

Specialist in Cinema and Audiovisual Language from USCS and Bachelor in Social Communication with specialization in Audiovisual from UEG. Curator of the 1st Festimina and the 1st GIFF. Director of the short films: Viúva Negra, O Retorno da Vênus, and 8 linhas. Script supervisor in more than 20 short films produced in Goiás. Video editor and creator of Concha Filmes (audiovisual production company).

Verônica Brandão

Short film curation

Verônica Brandão is a Cultural and Audiovisual Producer. Consultant in cultural projects. Ph.D and Master in Social Communication/Audiovisual (UnB). Bachelor in Cinema and Audiovisual (UEG). Professor in Cinema and Audiovisual (Graduation) and Audio and Video Production (Technical Course for High School) at Instituto Federal de Goiás. Researcher in Culture. Professor (in person and online) in Social Communication (Cinema, Audiovisual, Journalism, and Advertising). Appraiser in Brazilian Academic Journals. Editor of digital and video content. Digital content manager.

Juror/appraiser/curator at film festivals and exhibitions. National referee in Secretariats of Culture, Culture Support Funds (FAC), and Culture Incentive Laws (LIC). Content creator for social networks.

Robledo Milani

Short film Curation

Robledo Milani is a film critic, president of ACCIRS - Association of Film Critics of Rio Grande do Sul (administration 2016-2018), and founding member of ABRACCINE - Brazilian Association of Film Critics. He has worked on television, newspaper, radio, magazine, and the internet. He participated as the author of the books Contos da Oficina 34(2005) and 100 Melhores Filmes Brasileiros(2016), among others. Creator and editor-in-chief of the Papo de Cinema portal.

Victor Vinícius

Feature films Curation

Victor Vinícius is an actor and screenwriter. Major in Audiovisuals at UEG and Master in Communication, Media, and Culture at UFG. He wrote and directed the short films: Quando você está aqui and Ela só quer ser Maria. As an actor, he has appeared in short films, plays, music videos, and on the TV show Sal a Gosto (near conclusion). He was a curator of MAU (UEG Audiovisual Exhibition) and the Mostra Permanente de Curtas, in addition to being a Young Critics Jury for the first edition of Festival Fronteira, in 2014.

Geórgia Cynara

Feature films Curation

Ph.D. (2018) and post-Doctorate (2021-) in Audiovisual Media and Processes from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA/USP). Majored in Social Communication/Journalism from the Federal University of Goiás - UFG, a specialist in Cinema and Education from the Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Goiás, and a Master in Communication/Media and Culture from UFG. Journalist, film curator, musician, and film composer, she was one of the coordinators (2020-2022) of the Seminário Temático Estilo e Som no Audiovisual da Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos de Cinema e Audiovisual (SOCINE). She is part of Sonora: músicas e feminismos (USP), the faculty of the Graduation Program in Cultural Performances at UFG, and is a professor of Cinema and Audiovisual at the State University of Goiás (UEG). She worked, as curator/jury, at the 7th Festcine Goiânia (2011), in the XIII, XIV, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV editions of the Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental, XV Cambury Short Exhibition (2017), 16th and 17th Goiânia Short Exhibition, II MorceGO Vermelho - Goiás Horror Film Festival (2018), IV, VII and X UEG Cinema and Audiovisual Exhibition (2012, 2015, 2018), II and III International Sound Cinema Biennial (BIS, 2019 and 2021), International Audiovisual Exhibition of the IX Mostra Internacional Audiovisual do IX Festival Curta o Gênero (2021).

She is the author and instrumentalist of the soundtracks for the short films from Goiás "Sexodrama" (Alyne Fratari, Goiânia, 2006), "14 BIS" and "Escadaria" (Guilherme Mendonça, Goiânia, 2006), "AnoniMATO (Orlando Lemos, Goiânia, 2006); direct sound technique from the short film "Marcas D'água" (Thaís Oliveira, Goiânia, 2010); co-creator (with Rogério Sobreira) of the soundtrack for the short film "A Câmera de João" (Tothi Cardoso, 2017); sound editor and composer of the documentary feature film "Minha avó era Palhaço” (Mariana Gabriel and Ana Minehira, São Paulo, 2015); sound editor and composer of the soundtrack for "Guarany: História dos circo dos pretos" in the TV show and feature film versions (Mariana Gabriel, São Paulo, 2021).

Edileuza Penha

Feature films Curation

Teacher, Filmmaker, and Researcher. Post-doctor in Communication and Ph.D. in Education from the University of Brasilia (UnB), with internship and performance in the Documentary Chair at the International School of Film and TV (EICTV), in San Antonio de los Banõs/Cuba. She is the creator and organizer of the Mostra Competitiva de Cinema Negro – Adelia Sampaio.

Curator and judge of exhibitions and film festivals. As a director, her latest documentary, "Filhas de Lavadeiras" (2020), received several awards, including the French Academy of Cinema Award (Academie des Césars, 2022), the Brazilian Film Grand Prix 2021 (Best documentary short film), the Festival É Tudo Verdade and the Canal Brasill acquisition award, in 2021.