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Audiovisual director, cinematographic technician, and visual artist. Bachelor in Social Communication – Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás. Since 2012, he has worked professionally in technical departments, developing and producing projects for cinema and television. Partner-producer at the production company Dafuq Filmes, and co-creator of the affirmative label Filmes de Preto. Associated with APAN - Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals. As a screenwriter and director, he worked on the short films A Câmera de João (fic, 2017), Frescor Marine (Doc, 2019), and Búfala (exp, 2021).

Flavia Candida

Rupture Exhibition

Curator, filmmaker, and producer graduated from the UFF Cinema course, where she directed the short film O Metro Quadrado, Special Jury Prize at the 35th Brasília do Brasileiro Festival. She started as a programmer in the late 90s at Cine Arte UFF and coordinated the Brazilian University Cinema Festival for over 15 years. She collaborates in the curation of several festivals such as Première Brasil, Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro, Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul, Festival Internacional de Curtas de São Paulo, Curta Cinema, Festival de Cinema de Vitória, Goiânia Mostra Curtas, Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Cômico, Mostra de Cinema Moventes, and Festival Internacional de Cinema de Goiânia. She was also part of the curatorship of Século XXI: Mulheres, Ação!, Cabíria Festival Mulheres & Audiovisual, and FIM Cine 23 - Festivals dedicated to female protagonism in cinema. She has produced exhibitions such as Arte da África Cinema, Péter Forgács: Arquitetura da Memória, and Pequenas Histórias da Avantguarda – Downtown New York. As a project consultant, she works on lab selection such as BrLab, ICUMAM Lab, Plataforma Lab, and Curta Cinema Project Lab. She was on the selection committee for the Göteborg Film Fund 2021

Cris Ventura

Rupture Exhibition

Researcher and professor at IFG, working in the Cinema and Audiovisual Bachelor's Degree classes and the Integrated Technician in Audio and Video Production courses since 2015. Ph.D. in Cultural Performances (UFG), producer and director of films and videos for different projection media, having his work exhibited in film and video festivals, exhibitions, and scenic and musical performances. She is currently the coordinator of the IFG Film and Audiovisual Course.

Jarleo Barbosa

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Director, screenwriter, and producer. He has worked for 11 years in the audiovisual field, where he made three short films, directed a feature film (Hotel Mundial), and co-wrote another (Alaska). In all, he had his work exhibited in more than 100 festivals and 20 awards. On TV, he directed the Green Architecture program for the +Globosat channel and was one of the writers of the Doçaria Brasileira series, shown on the CineBrasilTV channel. In addition, he worked as a content coordinator at TV Brasil Central, supervising the entire entertainment production of the channel, in addition to directing programs and specials. He was part of the Núcleo Criativo Panaceia Filmes (prodav 03), where he was responsible for supervising the development of the scripts of four TV series and a feature film. He was also the Audiovisual Manager of the State Secretariat of Culture of Goiás and is currently dedicating his time to CriaLab, Center for Audiovisual Realization and Research of the State University of Goiás, responsible for the TV and radio of the institution, where he is responsible for monitoring and managing projects, as well as creative support.

Antonio Gonçalves Jr

Origins Exhibition

He is an entrepreneur, film producer, co-founder, and artistic director of Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Festival since its first edition. In cinema, as a producer, he worked on the feature films: "Para Minha Amada Morta (To My Dead Lover)" "Ferrugem (Rust)"' "Jesus Kid" "Deserto Particular (Private Desert)" and “A Gente (We)" by Aly Muritiba; "Circular" with collective direction, "Avó Dezenove e o segredo do soviético (Grandma Nineteen and the secret of the Soviet)" by João Ribeiro, "Zona Árida (Arid Zone)” by Fernanda Pessoa, "A mesma parte de um homem (The same part as a man)" by Ana Johann, "Nóis por Nóis (We for Us)" by Jandir Santin and Aly Muritiba, among others and several short films, such as "A Fábrica (The Factory)" "Pátio (Yard)" and "Tarântula (Tarantula)" by Aly Muritiba, "O Estacionamento (The Parking Lot)" by William Biagioli, "Lobo (Wolf)" by Thiago Busse, "Brasil x Holanda (Brazil vs the Netherlands)" by Caroline Biagi, and "Ainda ontem (Just yesterday)" by Jessica Candal, among others.